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Weekly Gathering:  Tuesdays at 3 PM
If you wish to participate, all you need to do is click on or copy and paste this link at the appointed time and day:
Which will prompt a question: 
“Do you want to allow this page to open”  Click: Allow
It may prompt an invitation to: “Download and run Zoom?” 
which you can also click.
Hopefully, this brings you to the meeting room I have set up – at which point I will be able to give further instructions as to how to participate.
If you are having trouble you may email me at: huronshoreswellness@gmail.comand 
I will forward the link directly. Shall we give this a try? Who knows if it will work and how many can come, but I’ll look forward to seeing folks in front of their computers/tablets Sunday afternoon – don’t forget to lug-a-mug! P.S. And if technology doesn’t work for you, why not still make yourself a coffee and give someone a phone call to chat while you sit and sip? Elise

ZOOM ~ Cabin Fever Coffee

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