PAST ~ Letters of Hope

Weekly Letters of Hope

Past ~ Letters

These letters are for the time we cannot meet together.

May 11th 2022 - Mother’s Day isn’t to be taken for granted by Peter Challen

May 4th 2022 - Saturday Morning by Tom Challen

April 22, 2022 - Emmaus Communion by Peter Challen

April 13, 2022 - Amazing Grace by Virginia Scott and Joan Vogel

April 6th - Faith by Tom Challen

Mar 30th - Hope At All Times

written by Henri J. M. Nouwen and submitted by Paul and Joan Vogel

Mar 23rd - All God’s Creatures by Roger Hyatt

Mar 16th - Hope - Tragedy and Triumph by Rev Doug Greenough 

Mar 9th - God-Moments by Anne Wilton & Lynda Holmes

Mar 2nd - Carotid Artery by Peter Challen

Feb 23rd - Perception by Tom Challen

Feb 16th - Make God’s Unconditional Love Visible by Rosalind MacDonald

Feb 9th - I Won’t Let Go by Roger Hyatt

Jan 26th - LIFE LESSONS AS ONE AGES by The Northey's

Jan 19th - The Problem With New Year Resolutions by Charles MacDonald

Jan 12th -The Tin Box by Peter Challen

Jan 5th - Just Look Up! by Steve Northey

Dec 29th - At The Gate by Helen Des Jardine

Dec 22nd - Why Go to Church by Melodie and Steve

Dec 15th - And All Shall be Well by Charles MacDonald

Dec 8th - Blessing of Hope  by Rosalind MacDonald

Dec 1st - Perspective by Lois Gill

Nov 24th - Hope Comes in the Form of a Vaccine

by Roger & Lori Hyatt

Nov 10th - Hope in Remembrance by Roger Hyatt

Nov 3rd - Making the Future Real by Kate Crawford

Oct 27th - Archer’s Pond by Peter Challen

Oct 20th - Not Just Survive But Thrive by Bryan Beattie

Oct 13th - Thanksgiving Hope by Rosalind MacDonald

Oct 6th - That was then, this is now by Lori Hyatt

Sept 29th - Pandora's Box by Wilma

Sept 22nd - Life Loves On by Peter Challen

Sept 15th - Hope in Everyday Encounters by Roger Hyatt

Sept 8th - Nature Can Guide You by Lynne Desjardine

Sept 1st - The number is 1-888-310-1122 by Peter Challen

Aug 25th - “Hope” is the Thing with Feathers  by Lori Hyatt

Aug 18th - Care for One Another by Roger Hyatt

Aug 11th - Desiderata by Melodie

July 28th - God Has A Plan by Lois Gill

July 21st - A Mother's Prayer by Ruth Ann

July 14th - What’s in a Name? by Melodie Northey

July 7th - My Prayer For Hope by Roger Hyatt

June 30th - Mother's Calendar by Ruth Ann

June 23rd - When Something Terrible Happens Pat Morden

June 16th - National Indigenous Peoples Day by Peter Challen

June 9th - Words of Action by Lori Hyatt

June 2nd - Where Is The Gift In This? by Joan Vogel

May 26th - My Year of Hope by Ruth Van Leeuwen

May 19th - When Believers Build It by Roger Hyatt

May 12th - In Pursuit of Happiness and Joy by Lois Gill

May 5th - Rest In His Care by Ruth Ann Eagleson

April 26th - More In You by Peter Challen

April 21st - Speaking Hope by Kate Crawford

April 14th - The Magnolias by Kate Crawford

April 7th - A Rock Rolled Away by Kate Crawford

Mar 31st - Prayer by Ruth Ann Eagleson

Mar 24th - Light Shines Through by Helen Desjardine

Mar 17th - Vitamin F by Doug Proctor

Mar 10th - A Different Kind of Winter  by RA.E

Mar 3rd - Season of Lent by Peter Challen

Feb 24th - The light shines on in the dark 

by Wilma Harris

Feb 10th - I Hope by Rosalind MacDonald

Feb 3rd - God is Good by Karen Etherington

Jan 27th - Canadian Seasons by Peter Challen

Jan 20th - Hope Conquers All by Kate Crawford

Jan 13th - The Best Part of the Gift by Ruth Ann Eagleson

Jan 6th - Light Shines Through by Kate Crawford

Dec 23rd - It Just Comes  By Rev Farquhar/Rosalind MacDonald

Dec 16th - The Hanging Of The Greens by Kate Crawford

Dec 9th - Introverts & Extroverts by Peter Challen

Dec 2nd - The Fieldmouse by Kate Crawford

Nov 25th - Why Worry

Nov 18th - Fall Blessings by Ruth Ann

Nov 11th - No Life Like It

Nov 4th - People Of The Light

Oct 28th - One Breath At A Time

Sept 30th - "You're going to make a full recovery"

Sept 23rd - A Dogs View - by Seamus

Sept 16th - A Message Of Hope (by Chris Barry)

Sept 9th - 5 Good Things (bu Bob Illman)

Sept 2nd - Numbers (by Ruth-Ann) 

Aug 26th - A letter from Steve & Melodie Northey

Aug 12th - Fare Thee Well (Elise Feltrin)

Aug 5th - Our God Goes With US

July 29th - Changing Lanes (By Wilma Harris)

July 22nd - Enjoyment & Joy (By Ruth Ann))

July 15th - Hope! (By Bob Illman) 

July 8th - Remember the simple things!

July 1st - Wherever You May Go 

June 30th - The Wounded Healer

June 29th - A Joy Moment

June 26th - Overcoming by Judy Trudgeon

​June 25th - Good Medicine

June 24th - From One Friend To Another

June 23rd - We Are a Rainbow (part 2)

June 22nd - A letter from Vince Bury

June 19th - Coming Home

June 18th - Water Walks

June 17th - Good viruses!

June 16th - We Are a Rainbow

June 15th - Our Sabbatical

June 12th - The Long Wait

June 11th - A letter from Elise

June 10th - The Card Shark

June 9th - An “Ombu” God

June 8th - The Kin-dom Comes

June 5th - Gifts of God

June 4th - A letter from Elise

June 3rd - Yes, We Can!

June 2nd - A letter from David Kai

June 1st - Breath Become Prayers

May 29th - New World Order

May 28th - Essentials

May 27th - No Orioles

May 26th - Labyrinthine Thinking

May 25th - Where is God

May 22nd - Change

May 21st - A Note Worthy Suggestion

May 20th - Hug a Tree

May 18th - Circles in the Water

May 19th - A letter from David Kai

May 15th - Sneaky Stress

May 14th - Gathering & Connecting

May 13th - The Scavenger Hunt

May 12th - A letter from David Kai

May 11th - Dare to Doubt

May 8th - The Air We Breathe

May 7th - A New Story

May 6th - A letter from David Kai

May 5th - Going to the Gym

May 4th - Ramadan Mubarak

May 1st - One of You

April 30th - Dreamscapes

April 29th - The Beauty & Mystery

of God’s Creation

April 28th - The Voice In Your Head

April 27th - Laugh It Off

April 24th - Grandchildren

April 23rd - Rituals & Routines

April 22nd - Tending the Roots

April 21st - A letter from David Kai

April 20th - Beautiful Lives

April 17th Safe Conversations

April 16th Seeking Joy

April 15th Miriam's Message

April 14th Sacred Space

April 9th Thursday of Holy Week

April 8th-Wednesday of Holy Week

April 7th-Tuesday of Holy Week

April 6th Monday of Holy Week

April 5th - A Change of Pace
April 4th - Sabbath Time
April 3rd - Fully Present
April 2nd - Spiritual Practices
April 1st - Fools for Christ
March 31st - God Is Good
March 30th - The New Teachers
March 29th - Doing Good
March 28th - Trust in God
March 27th - Silver Linings
March 26th - Conversation Starter
March 25th - On Retreat
March 24th - Motivation
March 23rd - Grief
March 22nd - Vulnerability
March 21st - Inconvenience
March 20th - Deep Gratitude
March 19th - Trinitarian People
March 18th - At the Table
March 17th- Learning from St.Patrick
March 16th - Infection Blues
March 15th - Our Journey