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Autumn Rambles - Day 3: Quilts


Autumn is the season where things begin to slow, as the evenings deepen and the morning starts in shadows. There’s time in the darkness to pause a little and sit and ponder. There’s comfort to be found under the warmth of a quilt on your knee as the weather cools.

Perhaps you have a quilt or a lap blanket in your home that you pull out in the autumn. I (Rev. Gail) have a blanket quilt that my mother made from small crochet squares – she made it for me when I first left home and it sat on my bed when I was a university student, reminding me of home. I still sometimes envelope myself in it, enjoying the weight and the coziness, and the love that went into it.

If you have ever made a quilt, or knitted a lap blanket, then you will know that part of the beauty of creating such a thing is not having a deadline. You fall into rhythm as you sew or knit or crochet – (or maybe as you create a woodworking project) something like the rhythm that you fall into during Autumn. The repeating pattern and the evenly spaced stitching bring a sense of order, calm and hope to our world which seems much more chaotic than usual right now. As you push the needle in and out, or move stiches from one needle to the next, you get into a slow and steady rhythm and pattern – this can be like a pattern or rhythm of prayer.

Ramble Prompt

What are your patterns or rhythms this Autumn season?

As you go for a ramble outdoors, or as you focus on a task or hobby, think about entering into a steadying pattern or rhythm.

Turn your rhythm into a prayer.

A Pattern for Prayer

  • Adoration and Praise – A prayer about God

  • Thanksgiving – A prayer about us acknowledging God acting in our lives

  • Confession – A prayer about us and what separates us from God

  • Intercession – A prayer about others and God interacting with them

  • Supplication & Petition – A prayer about us and our needs and interaction with God

  • Responding – A prayer about us and our response to God

  • Combination – A prayer about involving God in our current thoughts

An Autumn Prayer (From

We see signs of summer’s passing in golden leaves, shortening days, misty mornings, autumn glow. We sense its passing in rain that dampens, winds that chill, Harvest’s bounty placed on show. Creator God, who brings forth both green shoot and hoar frost, sunrise and sunset, we bring our thanks for seeds that have grown, harvests gathered, storehouses filled, mouths fed. And, as your good earth rests through winter’s cold embrace, we look forward to its re-awakening when kissed by Spring’s first touch.

Spiritual Practice

Everyone loves a good story! The Quiltmaker’s Gift, written by Jeff Brumbeau, is a whimsical tale of a generous quiltmaker and a greedy king. The quiltmaker would not sell her quilts, but gave them away to only those who were poor and in need. To own one of the quiltmakers beautiful quilts the king had to give away everything he owned. By giving away all his possessions, the king finally discovered true happiness. First published in 2000, this well-loved picture book is still in print and appeals to both children and adults alike. The beautiful illustrations features many different quilts and two companion titles were also published with instructions for sewing the quilts featured in the book.

Take a moment to listen to the story, by clicking on this link:

If you have a quilt at home that you made, or were given, please send photos into me to share on Shorelines:

And, if you missed our earlier Autumn Ramble post, you can get them on our blog on our website:

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