Huron Shores by phone (1-800-758-7563)

Huron Shores by Phone (1 800 758 7563) In 2021 Huron Shores United Church initiated a new outreach ministry to allow people to worship with us, even if they have limited mobility, vision or other challenges which make it difficult to come to church in person or to use computer technologies. Every week Huron Shores by phone

(1 800 758 7563) brings a Sunday service, including music and a message, to anyone with a telephone, and to anyone who wants to access it on line, and at a time of their choosing. The theme of each worship service is announced on Fridays in Shorelines, and a new service is launched every week. Leslie Bella, who edits these services for us, welcomes comments and suggestions so that we may improve people's experience of worshipping with us by phone. Talk or text Leslie at (519) 955 1531.

Current Worship By Phone

This week Huron Shores by Phone  1 800 758 7563 (and on line) brings you Heather Mackechnie's message for Sunday May 15th, with the choir's Anthem "Rain Down", and from More Voices, "Behold, I make all things new".

HSUC May 15 2022
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Worship by PHONE (new 2021)