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Greenway Pastoral Change

Greenway United Church - closed its doors on Sunday, June 29, 2014

after a meaningful and beautiful celebration service.  

Huron Shores United Church

welcomes their members

as our amalgamation begins.

History of Greenway United Church


As a smaller rural church, Greenway United Church is somewhat unique in the number of different churches in the local area that were amalgamated or closed and became part of Greenway United Church.


The following is a brief chronological history of Greenway United Church.


1868 - One of the first community church services in the area was held.

1875 - Church building erected at Greenway by the Boston Methodist Episcopal church.


1895 to 1890 – Salem, Corbett, and Bethel Methodist churches joined Boston Methodist Episcopal Church (Greenway). Also about the same period of time the German Luther Church and German Evangelical Churches closed and became part of Greenway church.


1897 - Boston Methodist Episcopal church erected the present Greenway church that is the present home of Greenway United Church.


1925 -1926 - Corbett Presbyterian Church amalgamated with Greenway United Church as a result of the Canadian Union of Methodist, Presbyterian, and congregational churches to become the

United Church of Canada.


1947 – 50 year anniversary of the new Methodist church built in Greenway replacing previous building built in 1875.


1997 – 100 year anniversary of the new Methodist church erected in Greenway


2007 – 132 year anniversary of the original church built in Greenway by the

Boston Methodist church.


The dates and events were compiled and condensed from two excellent previous history books; Greenway United Church


1875–1975 -A century of Service

1897–1947-Fiftieth Anniversary

(We would invite people to comment on any errors in this brief history outline)



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