There are many ways you can support Huron Shores United Church, our congregation,

and our community.

You can support the Church's Debt Mortgage Repayment plan with:

  • A cash gift

  • A pledge over three years

  • A gift of securities

  • A gift of life insurance or bequest

  • An increase in your PAR contributions

You can support ongoing operating expenses and other special projects through:

  • Weekly envelope contributions

  • Contributions through PAR 

  • A cash gift

  • A gift of securities

  • A gift of life insurance or a bequest


For more information on how you can support the church, click here to view Case for Support

Local:  Supports Our Local Church

Mission & Service Fund:  Supports our National Church & Justice Ministries

Local Mission & Outreach Fund:  Supports local families in need

Food Banks:  Supports our local food banks

Cemetery Board:  Supports Maintenance & Upkeep of the UC Cemetery in GB

Memorial Fund:  Supports our church's improvements

Debt Retirement:  Supports our Church's Debt Mortgage Repayment Plan

Other:  Various Donations/Fees

Thank You for your Generosity & Support


Janna Oud

Office Co-ordinator