Our Council is made up of

chairpersons who

represent our teams

and meets

monthly every 3rd Thursday

Organizational Graphic Chart


Chair of Council: Charles MacDonald - 519-854-6803

  • Accessibility: Linda Obermeier

  • Affirming Congregation:  Janice Sinker

  • Christian Development:  Virginia Scott - 519-238-6071

  • Congregational Care:  Rosalind MacDonald & Joanne Barry

  • Ministry and Personnel:  Vacant

  • Mission and Outreach:  Lynne Desjardine - 519-238-5220

  • Property:  Deb Gill 

  • Finance:  Byran Beattie - 519-238-5039

  • Trustees:  Bob Illman - 519-238-5634

  • Worship:  Wilma Harris - 519-243-3082

  • WOW (Western Ontario Waterways: 

       - Ruth Ann Eagleson - 519-238-6282

       - Rosalind MacDonald - 519-671-4651

       - Bob Illman - 519-238-5634

Minister - Reverend Dr.Kate Crawford

Council Chairperson:  Charles MacDonald

Choir Director:  Elva McIntyre

Bookkeeper:  Sherrie Smith

Envelope & PAR (Pre Authorized Remittance)

Coordinator:  Carey Eddy

Office Administrator:  Janna Oud

Key Personnel

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Proposal Concerning Faithful Ministry Personnel - this document is in responds to the closed settlement of 2018 between Reverend Gretta Vosper and Toronto Conference and its impact on the United Church of Canada.

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