Renewal Project

The Renewal Project


Our nearly 100-year-old church is undergoing a $2-million renewal.


The first three phases of the project involved exterior renovations and addition of a steel roof, construction of a two-storey addition with a full-sized elevator and accessible washrooms, and renewal of the original 1920s structure. The next phase will see the creation of a catering kitchen and other features.


Although there is still work to be done (and money to be raised!), we are home!. The fully accessible building will be open to the community six and a half days a week, with the upstairs hall used for concerts, performances, screenings and special events, and the downstairs hall available for programming and community meetings.

We’re not building for the sake of building, or simply to create a fancier place of worship. The capital expansion is driven by our desire to become an integral part of our community. The multi-purpose space will host musical concerts, plays, screenings, presentations, and special events. The community centre and catering kitchen will house a six-day-a-week program for seniors who might otherwise experience social isolation. Because the spaces are fully accessible, everyone will be able to benefit. By welcoming people into our building and our community, we will be ensuring that our church remains vigorous and vital.

We thank all those whose generosity, vision and hard work are making our Renewal Project a success. We dreamed an audacious dream, and now it’s coming true!

There are many ways to contribute to this project. The vision and generosity of all donors will be celebrated.


By reaching out to serve our community, we are living our faith.


To learn more about the project, read our Case for Support, or call Deb Gill at 519-238-6266.