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Our Mission Statement

Our relationship with God and each other strengthens us,

and helps make the world a better place. We welcome

and include everyone into congregational life.

Our Vision Statement

We seek to make this community a reflection of God’s plan,

to be a safe haven for ALL who seek peace, justice, freedom; a place where differences are celebrated and accepted as gifts; where new ideas and new ways are not feared but rather embraced as we learn to expand our hearts so that ALL are welcome.
We affirm that this includes persons of ALL sexual orientations, gender identities, races, abilities, ages, economic circumstances and talents.
Jesus knew no boundaries. He reached out to all people, honoring ALL in their diversity. We celebrate the richness this brings to our church.
We are called to be a part of a ministry that welcomes and includes ALL, honors the gifts of each, and recognizes that ALL receive God’s abundant grace.

Acknowledgement Of Indigenous

Territory Statement

“For thousands of years Indigenous peoples have walked on this land in their own territory. Their relationship with the land is at the centre of their lives. We acknowledge the Attawandaron and Ojibwe/Chippewa First Nations and their stewardship of this land.  We acknowledge also our responsibility as Treaty Members, living in the Huron Tract (Treaty 29, from 1827).  May we all live with respect on this land, and live in peace and friendship.”

Our Values

  • Discipleship: First we learn the message, next we live        the message and then we share the message.

  • Justice and Outreach: We promote fairness, honesty, inclusiveness, and sharing.

  • Leadership: We inspire and encourage the congregation and give them choices of direction. We delegate and empower the congregation such that they sense stability      in the leadership.

  • Ministry Partnerships: We make partnerships with other religious communities and political organizations.

  • Pastoral/Spiritual Care: We express our care and    nurture the congregation and the community.

  • Spirituality/Self Care: We develop a relationship  with  God and encourage life-coping skills. Our website offers assistance.

  • Stewardship: We “walk the talk” by taking care of the     gifts of our physical beings and our environment.

  • Worship: Our worship presents a message regarding our relationship with God that applies to daily living. Through worship, we attempt to demonstrate, reinforce and strengthen the best characteristics of humanity.

Our Priorities

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